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GC Solutions high-performance wastewater treatments are activated by gravity and flow, removing suspended oils and solids from contaminated water down to one micron without filters or presses. Our environmentally safe and affordable process preserves more clean water for reuse, segregates and purifies oils for skimming, and rapidly dewaters solids from the waste stream roughly 75% faster than standard methods. We specialize in high-volume scalable operations, focusing focus in the Oil & Gas Industry, Food & Beverage Industry, Hard Rock Mine Reclamation, and Municipal Water Treatment.

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GC Solutions provides technology to address current and anticipated oil and gas drilling regulations. Our systems require less energy and space than competing water treatment technologies. We clean both drilling mud and produced water for onsite reuse of drilling fluids, which reduces disposal costs and creates material efficiencies capable of changing a project’s bottom-line economics.

High levels of organic matter in brewery waste streams can overwhelm municipal treatment facilities. GC Solutions provides cost-effective removal of biological solids from brewery effluent; with dual benefits of more water to recycle and rapidly dewatered and dried wastes for conversion to feedstock.

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Wastewater Management & Material Recycling

GC Solutions Amagel™ technology offers an environmentally safe and cost-effective solution to high-volume wastewater management for the Oil & Gas Industry, Food & Beverage Industry, Hard Rock Mine Reclamation, and Municipal Water Treatment. Adding Amagel™ to existing water treatment and water recycling processes will reduce material and energy costs, recover more water and marketable components from the waste stream, and dewater sludge as much as four times faster than standard methods – making waste recycling both feasible and economic.

Learn how Amagel™ can help your business solve its most pressing wastewater management challenges.

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